Top 15 immersive 3D Digital LED billbaords advertising examples in 2024

By the year 2029, the value of the global LED display market is expected to increase by 4.1% from 2022’s 2.8 billion USD. The increase came from companies using LED display technology to power their marketing and advertising schemes. It’s even further utilized with the increasing popularity of 3D billboard created by well-known brands.

A 3D billboard is expected to be more eye-catching and tempting to the market. Something unique and new can be a great marketing spectacle. Here are 15 of the best 3D LED billboard examples you can see companies create for their marketing efforts.

1. Netflix 3D billboard Examples

Netflix is a multi-billion company that houses thousands of movies and TV shows on its platform. It takes a lot more than just having a platform to earn that much money. When acquiring new movies and shows, the company is known to advertise them in the best way possible – through 3D advertisements.

3D Zombie Tiger from Army of the Dead

3D Billboard - Netflix Army of the Dead
3D Billboard – Netflix Army of the Dead

Several movies benefited from the company’s fondness for massive 3D spectacles. One that comes to mind when talking about a show-stopper 3D advertisement is Zack Snyder’s Army of the Dead. The marketing stunt shows a massive 20-meter-tall tiger zombie. The visuals were realistic and stunning to look at. This was installed in Piccadilly Circus in London.

3D Don’t Look Up’s Leonardo Di Caprio

3D Billboard - Netflix Madrid
3D Billboard – Netflix Madrid

Another 3D billboard masterpiece was connected to Leonardo Di Caprio’s Don’t Look Up movie. Located in Madrid, the anamorphic display is stunning and easily captures people’s attention.

2. Nike 3D billboard

Nike Air Max - 3D LED Shinjuku
Nike Air Max – 3D LED Shinjuku

Nike is a well-known shoe brand and won’t lose in marketing. One of its well-known products is the Nike Air Max. The LED screen installed in Shinjuku, Tokyo, offers a more detailed look at the shoes.

The entire 3D commercial looks like it’s going out of the screen, making it more interesting. So, more than just the increase in brand awareness in the market, the company also increases the temptation from the market’s point of view.

3. Vivo 3D Billboard

Showing the company’s technological prowess, Vivo delivers a stunning marketing stunt for their Vivo X80 phone. The specific one installed on an advertising billboard in Shenzhen, China is stunning.

In the launch of Vivo X80, the promotion includes a 3D advertisement of the new phone’s aesthetics. Throughout the commercial, the phone transforms several times creatively and beautifully. The effect is made realistic by placing the LED display at the corner of buildings, giving it a popping look.

4. Coca-Cola 3D Billboard

Giant enterprise Coca-Cola loves using 3D advertisements in the promotion of their products and services. The company has repeatedly shown its excellence in 3D advertising by creating interesting content to get people looking.

First 3D Billboard in the World

3D Billboard - Coca-Cola's First & Largest
3D Billboard – Coca-Cola’s First & Largest

One of the best 3D billboard examples from the company is the project in Times Square, New York, which was named by the Guinness World Records as the world’s first and largest 3D billboard ever made.

This largest 3D billboard uses 1,760 LED panels to create the masterpiece in a more detailed and dynamic way. This magnificent ensemble covers the height of a six-story building.

The 3D Girl with Pearl Earrings

3D Billboard - Coca-Cola's Girl With Pearl Earrings
3D Billboard – Coca-Cola’s Girl With Pearl Earrings

Another masterpiece by Coca-Cola blurs the limit between what’s real and what’s not. In this advertisement, you will see a classic painting of a girl wearing pearl earrings. The painting seems to be connected to the vending machine in front of it. Once you use the machine, the girl in the painting moves and acts like she’s the one serving you the drink.

This 3D billboard is an impressive take on the phrase “step into reality,” where the girl seems to step into the real world. The content is so realistic you’ll feel like you’re dealing with an authentic woman.

5. Louis Vuitton 3D Billboard

Louis Vuitton x NIKE 3D Collab
Louis Vuitton x NIKE 3D Collab

High-end brand Louis Vuitton has also dove into this high-tech promotion by teaming up with Nike in the launching of Nike’s Air Force One. The content of the 3D advertisement takes a closer look at the meticulous details and design of the shoes.

The LED display promotes the integration of the Louis Vuitton signature style into the Air Force 1. This ensemble can be seen both in New York City in the USA and Chengdu in China.

6. Versace 3D LED Billboard

Versace 3D Billboard - Piccadilly Lights
Versace 3D Billboard – Piccadilly Lights

Versace is known for its high-end fashion products and that’s what the Greca Goddess Bag is all about. In this awesome 3D advertisement, an elegant lady carries a trendy black Versace bag. The content closes up on the bag and sweeps over the details of the bag. The realistic texture of the bag looks like you can touch it. And the Versace logo at the end of the entire ad closes it well.

7. Spiderman 3D Billboard

3D Billboard - Spiderman
3D Billboard – Spiderman

Marvel’s Spider-Man is a well-loved comic, animation, and movie. With all the action-packed and dramatic scenes, people can’t get enough of the neighborhood spider-hero. One of the best advertisements includes one about the movie, Spider-Man Across the Spider-verse.

Installed in New York’s Times Square, the commercial played on the massive screen takes you inside the animated movie. Using curved LED screens, the visual effects are improved and elevated to be as realistic as it’s in the real world. The technology matches the amazing content of the advertisement.

8. Balenciaga 3D digital Billboard

3D Billboard - Fortnite x Balenciaga
3D Billboard – Fortnite x Balenciaga

Balenciaga has introduced high-quality bags and shoes in the last. It continues to do so and has now even extended to Fornite characters, in the luxury brand’s collaboration with the popular game. The 3D OOH billboard features the character Doggo as he stands over the sidewalk and looks realistically fashionable in his outfit from Balenciaga.

9. Samsung 3D Billboard

Samsung x Google Collab 3D Billboard - Times Square
Samsung x Google Collab 3D Billboard – Times Square

Samsung leads the mobile phone market toe-to-toe with Apple and it’s not surprising considering all the technology and products that the company develops every year. In partnership with Google, Samsung displays its Galaxy Z Flip4 using the Google Assistant. To get more people’s attention, the two giants had Ludacris showcase its top-notch features.

10. House of Dragon 3D Billboard

3D Billboard - House of Dragon
3D Billboard – House of Dragon

If you’re a fan of Game of Thrones, House of Dragon is a magnificent spin-off that had fans temporarily forgetting about the main plot. The advertisement featuring this incredible TV show was launched on Times Square and displays a realistic flying dragon. The entire content is spruced up by 3D effects, making the entire ensemble feel real.

11. D’strict 3D Billboard Screen

3D Advertising - D'strict
3D Advertising – D’strict

The 3D advertisements designed by D’strict feature amazing anamorphic illusions that are pleasing to the eyes. The designs include stunning visual effects involving floating 3D items. The entire view gives people the sense that everything’s real. This commercial can be seen in Gangnam, specifically in the Shinsegae Duty-Free shop.

12. Super Nintendo World 3D Billboard

3D Billboard - Super Nintendo
3D Billboard – Super Nintendo

A 3D commercial spectacle about its most popular interactive ride is created to showcase the best about the Super Nintendo World. On the billboard, it shows Mario and the gang racing with Bowser on the road.

This Mario Kart: Bowser Challenge 3D advertisement is shown on the stress of downtown Los Angeles. It stands 50 feet tall and 300 feet long on Pico Blvd and Figueroa Street,

13. Final Fantasy 3D Billboard

3D Billboard - Red XIII
3D Billboard – Red XIII

Many gamers are familiar with Final Fantasy and the hundreds of hours of joy playing the game. Along with the plot of the game, Red XIII is a character that many fans delight in seeing. That’s why when a realistic image of Red XIII was shown in Tokyo, Japan, many were reminded of the fun they got from this game. The entire marketing stunt looks flawless and the character looks so realistic you’d want the entire game to be like this.

14. Milestrong 3D Billboard

3D Advertising - Milestone
3D Advertising – Milestone

The marketing content shown by Milestrong for their car promotion offers a realistic look that many can identify from most 3D digital out-of-home displays. It shows the intricate details of the car as if you’re personally looking at the car with your own eyes. This realistic view easily attracts many potential clients and interested buyers.

15. Duck River Sea World 3D Billboard

Theme parks need a way to attract guests to the destination. The Duck River Sea World offers a treat to everyone who passes by Shinjuku Crossing in Japan.

The 3D commercial for the Duck River Sea World became a familiar sight in the streets of Tokyo. It tempts and attracts people to visit this fun marine park and experience what the immersive 3D advertisement shows on screen.

FAQS: 3D Billboard

3D Billboards of Car Manufacturers - Seoul, Korea
3D Billboards of Car Manufacturers – Seoul, Korea

To understand 3D advertisements better, here are some of the basic FAQs you need to know about this type of content.

What is a 3D advertisement?

3D advertisements refer to the marketing content created using powerful 3D technology. They are often shown on digital out-of-home LED displays, to maximize its market reach and make the most out of the cost spent to create the masterpiece. It offers an immersive experience that takes viewers into a realistic adventure.

What are the components of 3D LED billboard?

For a 3D commercial to be effective, you will need the right type of content, complete with visual effects and designs. On top of the 3D technology, high-quality 3D content is also necessary. The 3D technology works well with curved displays. Meanwhile, the content needs to be eye-catching and attractive for the right market.

How much does it take to rent a 3D billboard LED screen?

To rent an LED display for your 3D advertisement, you need to budget around $1,200 to $15,000, depending on the quality and size of the screen. The rates may also change depending on the market demand and other economic factors.


Many companies prefer 3D advertising in their promotions, from products to movies and events. Using this marketing platform gains more attention and interest from people just passing by. If you want to look into using this avenue for your promotional stunts, these 15 are some of the best examples you can recreate and follow.

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